Impresa Davanzo
360 degree approach

The Enterprise directly takes care of building, restructuring and furnishing activities in order to deliver a “ready to live” product to its clients.

Impresa Davanzo
un approccio a 360°

L'impresa si occupa direttamente di costruire, ristrutturare e arredare fornando ai clienti un prodotto chiavi in mano.

Impresa Davanzo, a company founded 47 years ago by Ivano Davanzo, operates in the construction field with a 360 degree approach: from architectural design of interior and exterior, to the realization of the work with innovative and qualitative finishes.
The Enterprise directly takes care of building, restructuring and furnishing activities in order to deliver a “ready to live” product to its clients.

Our strength lies exactly in this integrated service, that focuses on the customer and its needs.
The internal design studio and the construction company infact operate in synergy to offer integrated architectural and constructive solutions which enable the creation of complex solutions with direct on-site control at the execution stage.

Know how
The complete know-how and internal management of all realization stages allows us to control and optimize construction costs.

We are a unique referent for the customer that demands the highest quality and an end-to-end work, from project design to construction, with no time loss, but we can also manage only one of the realization stages to respond to specific requests.From foundations to custom-made furnishings, to lighting design; everything is studied and brought on construction site to be realized with the highest possible quality.The combined use of traditional and innovative materials allows us to propose solutions for the most diverse building requirements and to integrate them with the interior design.We deliver residential, commercial and industrial buildings with multiple varieties of finishes but we are specialized in valuable residential properties and luxury interior design.

Ivano Davanzo
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29 / 01 / 18

New Web site

Finally online the new website for Impresa Davanzo with some pictures of our most interesting works, new ongoing projects, all the information on the enterprise and all the novelties from the world of construction and interior design.

29 / 01 / 18

2018: marble returns

If you google “marble”, you will find at least one news article per year with the title “Marble return”; this means that marble is an eternal material, as is in its own nature. From absolute white, to the boldest nervures, the pure nature and the complexi

26 / 02 / 18

New home tax bonuses in force since January 1st

Ecobonus, sismabonus, renovation bonus, furniture bonus and green bonus, these are the tax incentives on Italian building stock confirmed for 2018.

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