More space for Art

New artistic surfaces for furniture

In the first half of last century the world of architecture experienced the arise of the concept of free plant that allowed not to have structural constraints inside the buildings, and completely revolutionized the exploitation of living spaces.
At Impresa Davanzo we have been inspired by this concept to introduce you today the idea of Free Art.
Free Art because art as such must not necessarily be relegated to the surface of a painting, to the fullness of a sculpture or to the space of an installation, Art must have the maximum possibility of expression and every obiect or surface can be soaked by it.
Thus was born the idea of getting out of conventional rules and taking advantage of all possible spaces to show artistic works.
A new challenge, in collaboration with the artist and creator Lisa Marzorati, brought us to design and realize a piece of furniture able to accomodate a wonderful oil painting.
A small table that allows you to have at the same time a piece of art and a perfectly usable surface.
Art meets interior design and uses furniture to be exposed without reducing the original function of the object.
A purely geometric form that contrasts and cooperates with the explosion of colours of the work, designed and created to be displayed and viewed on an horizontal level.
The deliberately glossy surface talks simultaneously with the three- dimensional brushstrokes of oil colors and the surrounding environment, reflecting the lights and making the picture changeable with lighting and adaptable to any environment.
Reflexes are no longer a disturbance to the work, but become an integral part of the work itself.
A collaboration, that between us and Lisa Marzorati, that we are sure will bring us to design and create objects and spaces for our clients in an even more unique and personalized way.


29 / 01 / 18

New Web site

Finally online the new website for Impresa Davanzo with some pictures of our most interesting works, new ongoing projects, all the information on the enterprise and all the novelties from the world of construction and interior design.

29 / 01 / 18

2018: marble returns

If you google “marble”, you will find at least one news article per year with the title “Marble return”; this means that marble is an eternal material, as is in its own nature. From absolute white, to the boldest nervures, the pure nature and the complexi

26 / 02 / 18

New home tax bonuses in force since January 1st

Ecobonus, sismabonus, renovation bonus, furniture bonus and green bonus, these are the tax incentives on Italian building stock confirmed for 2018.

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