Parco Sempione Milano

Renovation and retstoration of interiror

Renovation and restoration of interior of an historilcal building in Milan city centre

Year of creation: 2018

In this project Impresa Davanzo took care of the restoration of the interiors of an historical building, aged end of the 19thcentury, in the centre of Milan.

The interventions concerned the recovery of the interiors, the complete revision of certain areas (bedrooms, kitchen, dressing rooms) to make them more in line with a modern life style, in addition to the introduction of new floors and wall finishings and the restoration of some historical components.

The frames have been replaced with modern thermal and acoustic cut windows, taking over the internal and external design of the components and recovering the ancient handles.

The ficilities have been completely renovated respecting the history of the place; some components such as electrical buttons have been reconstructed specifically for this project with current materials to make them functional again and suitable for modern regulations.

The parquet flooring has been designed in all its features by our studio.

Format, wood specie, coating and module were created to fit as a tailor- made suit to each environment. The marbles in some parts have been completely redone, in others they have been recovered or integrated where missing.

The kitchen has been completely created by us based on the specific needs of the customer, integrating a retractable TV with motorized support in the marble of the central counter.

Doors and handles have been recovered and restored.

The 18thcentury basement of the dining room table has been restored respecting its era and the table top replaced with a modern extra-clear glass top to show and highlight the underlying wooden sculptures. Ancient lamps have been integrated with modern non-invasive lamps.

Impresa Davanzo has also dealt with the design of some consoles and the realization of the same with precious materials such as brass and goatskin.Other furnishings have been recovered and renewed.

Making history and modernity interact creating an harmonious whole has been a challenge, brilliantly overcome by our technicians and our craftsmen, respecting as much as possible the tradition of the places and the needs of the customer.


29 / 01 / 18

New Web site

Finally online the new website for Impresa Davanzo with some pictures of our most interesting works, new ongoing projects, all the information on the enterprise and all the novelties from the world of construction and interior design.

29 / 01 / 18

2018: marble returns

If you google “marble”, you will find at least one news article per year with the title “Marble return”; this means that marble is an eternal material, as is in its own nature. From absolute white, to the boldest nervures, the pure nature and the complexi

26 / 02 / 18

New home tax bonuses in force since January 1st

Ecobonus, sismabonus, renovation bonus, furniture bonus and green bonus, these are the tax incentives on Italian building stock confirmed for 2018.

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